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Birthdate:Sep 28
Location:New Jersey, United States of America
Website:TheGreenHeart (dot) net
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Alishia. Generally goes by Alicia, Al, or Lish. Female. 25. Born September 28, 1984. Libra. Pagan. Chooses not to pick a sexuality label because she loves who she loves. Fangirl, particularly where Doctor Who, Torchwood, and Heroes are concerned, but this tends to change from time to time. Slave to stupid people by day, avid RPer and fanfic writer by night.
» about the journal
Version six point oh, featuring Sylar from the NBC series Heroes. Religiously friends locked, and sans a friends only post, because I think they're tacky. If you want to friend me, however, feel free and I'll most likely add you back. I don't bite.
» at random
Blog crews, rating community stamps, and awards here. Public writing journal here. And at the very moment I'm writing this, I would kill for a nap.

Oh, and I'm the mun behind [info]heroslayer and [info]offering_hope.

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